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Eduart Makri

Writer, Director, Producer and Actor

Winner of 3 International Awards in 2016

Full Memberships:


Graduated in 1981 as an ACTOR, in Albania, he started a fast and successful career in the Albanian Movie Industry, working with the best Albanian well-known directors, educated in Moscow, Bucharest, Prague, and Budapest, like Dhimiter Anagnosti, Kristaq Dhamo, Viktor GjikaPiro Milkani, Xhanfize Keko, Fehmi Oshafi etc. He played alongside very distinguished Albanian actors, like Prokop Mima, Robert NdrenikaYllka MujoNdriçim Xhepa, Vasjan LamiBujar AsqeriuXhevdet FerriBujar Lako, Thimi Filipi, Valentina Caci, Shpresa BerdëllimaMatilda Makoçi, Viktor ÇaroMina Koxhaku etc. Lately, he collaborated with one of the best Albanian writers Ismail Kadare, on the adaptation of his internationally well-known Chronicle in Stone.


He plays about 6 leading ​characters, becoming a Celebrity as an Actor, when 25 years old. He was invited to work in the biggest 35 mm Film Production Studio “Kino Studio – New Albania”. A highly talented and enthusiastic First Assistant Director, he worked in 11 movies, with the best directors, in 4 years. In 1985 he got an invitation to coo-direct his first short movie. After a very successful debut, he began making films as Director every year, for 4 years. In the last two movies, he wrote his scripts, passing on the side of Independent Film Authors.

Eduart’s work has shone brightly through two decades and his work has been seen throughout Europe in commercial theatrical releases, countless competitive Film Festivals, and European television broadcasts. Having immigrated to Canada and located in Toronto, Eduart was granted WGC, ACTRA, and European Film Academy Memberships, based on his professional reputation and he looks forward to continuing success in Europe and North American markets.

He lived in Toronto for 18 years,  where he played alongside some Hollywood celebrities like Vivica A. Fox,  Michael Murphy, Michael Riley, Marc Consuelos, and Caterina Scorsone, in very successful drama series like "This is Wonderland"  and "Missing". He played as an actor in a few Canadian and American Productions (ACTRA Full Membership). In 2015 he directed, wrote and produced his first English film "Quo Vadis?", which received 3 international awards in 2015-2016. Back in Albania held the high position of Chairman of the Albanian National Center of Cinematography (2019 - 2023).

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